In order to help you make an informed decision about Done With You Websites, we have compiled this comprehensive list of questions and answers.

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How customisable are the WordPress templates?

Our WordPress templates use the Divi page builder, a visual drag-and-drop editor, meaning it’s pretty easy to customise your template to your heart’s content.

All aspects are customisable including fonts, colours, branding, copy and imagery. 

All pages, sections and components are reusable and easily able to be cloned so if you need to create new pages or sections, it’s as simply as duplicating existing elements elsewhere to make sure your website stays consistent.

Why have you decided to build templates for WORDPRESS?

At Moolah Digital, WordPress is our jam. Like, no joke.

With years of experience working with WordPress, we’ve seen first-hand just how much flexibility is offered. You’re literally given a blank canvas to do as you wish!

We highly recommend WordPress for service-based businesses, those who do a lot of blogging, and those businesses wanting to do some complex things in the form of memberships, subscriptions, online courses and surface pattern design libraries.

Additionally, we have used the Divi page builder for our templates, meaning that you can easily build out your own pages thanks to their visual drag-and-drop approach.

Are there any ongoing costs with a WordPress DWY Website Template?

There is an annual website hosting cost of $205 + GST. This gives you access to the following hosting plan:

  • Up to 10GB web storage (perfect for most small business websites).
  • Capable of handling approximately 10,000 visits p/month
  • Unmetered traffic
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Daily backups
  • Automated plugin updates… just to name a few benefits!

If you feel you may require an alternative hosting plan, please contact us at

This amount has been included in the price of our WordPress templates. We will then arrange automatic payments of renewals with you separately.

I have an existing WordPress website hosted elsewhere. Are you able to install your template on my existing host?

At this time, this is not something we offer. If you purchase a DWY WordPress template, then you are required to have this new website hosted with us. This is because we have an intimate knowledge of our hosting server configuration and know that things are going to work a lot more smoothly when installing your template for you.

If you purchase a WordPress template, we’ll set it up on a new hosting account for you with a temporary domain. Once you’re ready to go live, we will simply point your domain to the new website/host. At this stage, it will be important for you to not go ahead and renew your hosting once the new website is live.

What if I decide to move my wordpress hosting elsewhere?

You can move your WP website to another host at any time. Please note there will not be a refund on any unused portion of your annual website hosting. For example, if you choose to move hosts after 6 months, we will not refund you for the unused 6 months of your hosting.

With your WordPress website we also use various paid licenses and plugins, namely the use of Divi for your website page builder. If you choose to move to a new host, your license will be revoked and you will need to acquire a new license from Elegant Themes. The same goes for any paid plugins that we have installed on your website.

If you choose to move hosts, please make sure to do this before your website hosting is due for renewal to avoid further costs. You will be notified about a month prior to your hosting renewal due date as a reminder.

What level of access will have I have on my WordPress website?

You will be given full admin access to your WordPress website so you will have complete freedom over all aspects of your website, including the ability to install your own plugins.

Access to your website hosting backend is available upon request.


How customizable are the Shopify templates?

We have made lots of effort to provide some extra sections and settings not typically provided by standard Shopify themes, in order to allow you a bit more extra control over the look and feel of your website. Examples include:

  • The ability to customize individual text and button elements and override site-wide colour schemes.
  • Creation of new sections unique to DWY templates, including an image gallery (without the need to install an app) and Instagram links page.

And there’s no need to touch any code as well!

All of our Shopify templates run on Shopify 2.0, meaning you have the ability to customise all of your pages.

Why have you decided to build templates for Shopify?

As experienced and well-versed as we are with WordPress, we have come to truly ADORE Shopify for eCommerce/product-based businesses. 

The user experience it provides both its customers and store owners is just incredible. Never have we come across another platform where it’s so easy to manage inventory and orders and for customers to be able to easily purchase products and checkout.

If you are an eCommerce business or a predominantly product-based business then we highly recommend Shopify. 

As Shopify Partners, we are also given access to the latest information and training to ensure that the work we deliver for our clients is relevant and best-practice.

Since the launch of Shopify 2.0 in 2021, Shopify has come a long way in being able to now make it even eaiser to customise all aspects and all pages on your store without needing to invest in a separate page builder app or a premium-cost theme. We have taken advantage of this with our bespoke templates, giving our clients the ability to have greater control over the look and feel of their Shopify stores.

Are there any ongoing costs with a Shopify DWY Website Template?

If you are setting up your store on our Shopify Partners account (as opposed to setting it up on your own account), there is no charge. Once your store is transferred to your ownership, you will then be required to select a paid Shopify plan. Plans start from $29 USD p/month (for more details, visit Shopify’s pricing page).

Do I need to have a Shopify account before purchasing a Shopify DWY template?

No you do not! As Shopify Partners, we are able to set-up a dev store for you. What this means is that you can work on your online store without the need to pay any Shopify themes.

Once you are ready to connect your payment gateways or you need to start installing any paid apps or if you want to connect your domain to you store (i.e. if you want to go live straight away with a “coming soon” page), you will need to have store ownership transferred over to you and then you will go on a paid plan. Just get in touch with us when you’re ready to have store ownership transferred to you.

Please note this is a separate step to then making your website live, i.e. connecting your domain to your new website.

We recommend that you get as much set-up as possible on your website before transferring store ownership.

I already have a Shopify account. Are you able to install a website template on this existing account rather than set up a new store?

We are absolutely able to do this. You will just need to provide your Shopify store URL at checkout so we can request collaborator access and go in and install your template for you.

What level of access will have I have on my Shopify website?

If we have initially built your store on our Shopify Partners account, we will need to transfer store ownership to yourself. This will be the case once you’re ready to connect your payment gateways and go live.

Once ownership has been transferred to you, your Shopify store is completely your own and you have full ability to manage all aspects of your store.


What is the cost of a DWY Website template?

During our beta group sign-up, the cost of a Shopify template is $1,500 + GST and the cost of a WordPress template is $1,705 + GST (this includes 12x months of website hosting).

From 2023 onwards, this cost will go up to $2,000 + GST for Shopify and $2,205 + GST for WordPress.

Do you offer payment plans?

We sure do – we offer a payment plan where payment is split over 4x payments over 4x months. We do charge slightly more to use this option than if you were to pay in full.

Payment plans are only available with credit card and not PayPal. 

If you wish to go on a payment plan, simply select the option on the product page before adding the product to your cart.

Do you offer buy now, pay later?

We accept payments through PayPal who have recently launched PayPal Pay-In-4. If you are eligible, the option for you to make payment via Pay-In-4 will be made available to you on the product pages and at checkout.


What help and support is provided as part of DWY Websites?

Once you have purchased a template and it has been set-up for you, you will be given access to your own client portal. This client portal will contain the following:

  • A comprehensive set of bite-sized, easy-to-follow video tutorials showing you how to manage all aspects of your website and customise your template.
  • Link to a private Facebook group where you can post questions and admin along with other DWYers can respond to your questions.
  • Links to additional resources, including our own curated list of recommended Shopify apps and WordPress plugins to extend the functionality of your website.

If you need help, your first port of call should be the Facebook group. If you need further support, please contact and we can decide on next steps – whether that’s making updates to your template to address a clear issue/error or book you in for 1:1 support (via our VIP Days) to help you with your website.


What exactly is a Beta Group?

The term “beta group” is used a lot in the software development world where products and features get rolled out quickly to a smaller group of people with the intent of getting feedback and improving the product before launching to a wider group of people.

Because this is our first ever launch (as of November 2022), we decided to only launch to the first 10x customers and make this our “beta group” to make improvements in time for us to launch to a larger group of people in early 2023.

What are the benefits of joining the DWY WEBSITES BETA GROUP?

Lots! The first one? Receiving a discounted rate (we’re taking $500 off the price of all of our templates). A pretty sweet deal to get yourself set up with a beautiful, well-designed website ready for a big year in 2023.

Leading on from this, this is your opportunity to be part of something big and exciting – imagine being able to tell others you were an early adapter of Done With You Websites?

How do I join the beta group?

There’s no real process you need to follow. 

On Wednesday 30th November 2022 at 9AM AEST (10AM AEDT), we will be sharing this website and opening up sales, firstly to our waitlist, followed by everyone else on Friday 2nd December 2022 (if there are still spots left).

We’ll only have 10x spots and for each customer that takes a spot, you will automatically become part of the beta group!

What are my obligations as part of the beta group?

We would appreciate it if you were able to get involved with providing feedback as much as possible during your time in the beta group. We will provide a simple form that you can submit whenever you have something to share. All feedback about all aspects of DWY Websites is welcome.

We will be concluding the Beta Group in February 2023 and at this time, we will send a final survey where we’d appreciate your final input and a testimonial which we can use on our website and social media.

It’s also important to note that whilst we acknowledge all feedback supplied, not all of this will be neessarily addressed – it depends on the severity of the issue raised (if it’s an issue) and whether this is consistent feedback supplied across the entire beta group.

How long does the beta group last for?

Whilst you can work at your own pace with DWY Websites, the beta group will commence in December 2022 and we will be concluding the beta group in February 2023 regardless of whether or not you have gone live with your website.


How much time am i given to complete my website, ready to launch?

Fortunately for you this isn’t an exam and you’er not being timed!

Basically you can work at your own pace with getting your website ready to go live. However, if it’s been 6x weeks since your template has been installed and you haven’t booked in a date to go live, we will follow up just to see how you’re going and whether you need extra assistance.

Given that a website is a crucial part of your marketing, we do highly encourage you to get online as quickly as you can and we hope DWY Websites will take away a lot of the overwhelm to enable this for you.

How do I go about making my website live once I'm ready?

We will provide you with a booking link where you can go ahead and book a date for us to make your website live for you.

Prior to going live we will require your domain hosting login details so that we can point your domain to your website.



For our WordPress templates, integrations are available with a large number of email marketing platforms including Mailchimp, MailerLite, ActiveCampaign, Flodesk, Convert Kit and Klaviyo.

For our Shopify templates, by default these integrate with Shopify’s built-in email marketing but this can be easily swapped out for other email marketing tools. Our recommendation is Klaviyo, but if you’re able to get a form embed code or connect an app to your email marketing tool of choice then you should be all good.

Are these templates optimised for SEO?

They sure are! All of our templates have been set-up with the following inclusions to make sure that your website is SEO-ready from the get-go:

  • Correct use of page heading and subheading tags.
  • Tutorials and guides supplied to help you with adding in your SEO page descriptions and titles.
  • Tutorials and guides supplied to make sure images follow SEO best-practices.
  • Access to resources to help you connect your website correctly to Google Analytics and Google Search Console.


Do you provide ongoing website support after my website has gone live?

We certainly do! Feel free to either book us in for a VIP Day (where we can dedicate a full or half-day on helping you with your website, design or email marketing) or get in touch to  discuss an ongoing retainer with you.


I'm really not great with tech, is DWY Websites for me?

We hear this one a lot from our clients and the truth is? You’re probably a lot more capable than you realise.

First off, you don’t need to worry about all the technical stuff like installing the template and launching your website – we take care of all of this for you.

We provide a whole heap of easy-to-follow bite sized videos to help you pull together your website and you’ll have access to a private Facebook group to get support from other DWYers.

We also welcome you to do as much as you can with setting up your site but if you get really stuck? Then you can book us in for a VIP Day to smash out those final fiddly bits.

Haven’t come across the answer to your question?

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